Asciinema 2.0.1+ snap app. package?


Just noticed the installed version via snapd app. is the 1.4 and not a latest 2.0.1+ … !?

  • Have you plans to release the asciinema 2.0.1+ snap app. package soon?

Note: Posted same question through your Github 34 mins. ago but looks that’s a very old post (sorry for that, as duplication is not always welcome by default)



asciinema snap was created by Mark Shuttleworth (of Ubuntu/Canonical), and we just listed this installation option in our docs. I have no idea how snaps work, how to upgrade it, and release new version. Maybe someone can reach Mark? :wink:



Thanks for answering! Noticed about your update call to @flexiondotorg through your yesterday post at Packaging of asciinema 2.0.1 #116.

I’ll wait till end of the month for his feedback about, and I’ll unistall the 1.4.0 snap package by installing the Ubuntu apt 2.0.1 version, afterwards if not snap update available by next August, 1.

Please, consider to add a note to your installation options docs. informing the snap package is not directly mantained by your team, it’s still at v1.4.0 and the Ubuntu apt 2.0.1 version works well in Linux Mint 19 and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Thanks for the awesome work!



I have temporarily removed snap installation option. It doesn’t seem anyone is maintaining it anymore.