Installation issue

Its a pretty trivial question i hope , but unfortunately i am in need of help …

I cannot do package install or pip/brew/npm in my environment , i am trying to use the tar ball obtained from location.

Currently running into issue module “asciinema” not found - i have tried updating the PYTHONPATH and it did not help.

Please help , i am a python novice too.

If you can’t use any package manager than you can download the latest release from here:

Pick either zip or tar.gz, download and extract it. For example:

mkdir -p /target/directory
tar xzf asciinema-2.0.0.tar.gz -C /target/directory

Then you can create a wrapper script with the following contents:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

PYTHONPATH=/target/directory/asciinema-2.0.0 python3 -m asciinema "$@"

Save the above script as asciinema and put it in your $PATH.

I hope this helps.

It surprises me how you are not tempted to quickly and easily promote the use of your thing by creating casts to support the explanations you give


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