What's the best way to convert to a video file

Sometimes I really need to make a video file. Is recording a screencast of the player the best way do do that or is there something better?

The whole idea behind asciinema is to NOT produce heavy video files :slight_smile:

But if you really want it then you have few options:

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Hi for the conversion there are several softwares available in the market the one which i usually use is total movie converter and since i started using this i never felt that i must go for others so you can also try this they trial memberships and hopefully it can help you. link is given below.
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Without a doubt, i suggest you give SimpleScreenRecording a try. Works like a charm on redhat/fedora/centos and i have a lubuntu laptop that i solely use as a TV (i hate television --ads-- but can’t bare not learning, even for a day…) and its running it just fine.

What you can easily do is to record your sessions using asciinema – so you have a copy/paste-enabled version at least – while you are recording your screen/window/area (even span to multiple monitors/desktops).

Either that, which is the all in one no time wasted solution in my opinion or, you record your cast and play them back whenever you are done editing them so they are flawless and best represent what you want to convey. Then… asciinema play and Bob’s your uncle!

I have no affiliations with SSR nor Asciinema but i always say yes to a couple more dollhairs – what am i saying now. Ok. Anyways.

Hopefully you can keep us updated about your progress and maybe, also, share some of your SSR recording settings and such