Asciinema Windows functionality


Would asciinema be able to work in Win 10 if the code was was stripped any termios and uploading functionality? Simply trying to save locally still causes termios errors to popup, when it seems that could be avoidable.



Would docker be a solution you could consider, if you havn’t already? I honestly have not been using windows/microsoft softwares in ages (but browsing the web when i’m not home, so very little would be more accurate) so i hope the whole docker thing works somewhat the same.



I think docker image should work fine under Win, you won’t have access to Windows cmd line programms though.

asciinema is heavily tied to the notion of UNIX pseudo-terminals, so it would be really hard to modify it to run natively under Win.

However, you can use Windows-For-Linux subsystem in Win10, people say asciinema just works there.



This should help for porting to windows!

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