Asciinema self-hosted server administrative-tasks

Hi guys.
I’ve been deployed the asciinema server in my organizations (with SSL support)
The documentation says I have the ability to manage recordings:

I added the user email to admin:
docker-compose run --rm phoenix admin_add
Running 2/0

  • Container asciinema_smtp Running
  • Container asciinema_postgres Running added to admin users list

But nothing happened. User with added admin role still doesn’t have ability to manage other user recordings, only his own recordings.

All recordings uploads to server properly and each user who associate token_id with records have ability to see them. But I thought admin task means ability to manage all users recordings… I’ve noticed only one change after user got admin role assigned - the “make recording a featured” become available through the dropdown menu…

I will be very grateful for the help

Ascinema server: v20220327 (Oracle Linux Server 8.6)
Asciinema recorder on hosts: v2.0.2 (Oracle Linux Server 8.6)

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