Alignment of the embedded player

I am trying to embed the player on an HTML slideshow (darkslide). It works fine, but the player is not centered. The HTML tag is of the form:

<script id="asciicast-xyz" src="" async></script>

When rendered, I see that a new HTML element is created:

<div id="asciicast-container-eOJZrTaTu9jOO6Xe4m2tvnZsw" class="asciicast" style="display: block; float: none; overflow: hidden; padding: 0px; margin: 20px 0px;">

But I also see that the margin are fixed to a strange “20px 0px”.

When using the provided class asciicast, the elements attributes cannot be overwritten. Thus, I cannot fix the margin to auto, for example.

I see in the JS code that the margin is fixed to 20px 0px. I do not see in the documentation a possibility to push other values from the HTML declaration to the script.

Is there any way for solving this ?

Thanks a lot,