Asciinema + Reveal.js (display issue)


I am writing slides with reveal.js 4 and I would like to integrate at least seven Asciinema recordings. I am using the last version of Ascinema Player (3.0.0 RC1). All Asciinema recordings are hosted by myself.

I have a problem to display all Asciinema recordings. The behaviour is random. Sometimes I have three Asciinema which are displayed, sometimes four, sometimes one… To solve the problem, I need to refresh my browser on the current reveal page where the Asciinema is hidden. When I retrieve the size (width + height) of the Asciinema recordings, the Asciinema recordings that are hidden have a size of zero.

I created a Github repository to reproduce the issue => GitHub - mickaelbaron/revealasciinema (the Asciinema recordings come from

Do you have any idea?

Hi everyone,

Any idea for the integration problem of Asciinema and Reveal.js ?