Why a private video can be seen?!


in my profile is Asciicast visibilty set to private. On the on specific asciicast I see “private”. But I can see his whole asciicast with other browser. That means → this is public.

Shouln’t this be not possible?


Hi Rafal,
I think I get roughly what you are trying to say but with the apparent typos/slightly unclear language I’m not completely sure. I suspect you may be misunderstanding how links work.

If a recording is uploaded, it’s either public (in which case it’s listed for others to see) or it’s hidden meaning that those who have the link can view the recording but it is not listed (this is how it works because there’s no viewer authentication I believe)

See here where it mentions the secret links: Do I have to upload my recordings to asciinema.org?

If what you’re saying doesn’t fit with the above, then perhaps it’s best to show some more details, perhaps trying to recreate it with a video you don’t mind others actually seeing

Kind regards,

That is correct. Private recordings are not listed on the site. You can only see them listed on your own profile when you’re logged in. And they stay private until you share the secret link with someone or post it one the internet.

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Hi @nmstoker,

“I suspect you may be misunderstanding how links work.” → I know how links works.

But now I know that asciinema say: private → will not be listed on the side. But anonymouse users can see this when they know the URL.

But this is not what I understand when I say “This is PRIVATE”.

For someone who work 20+ years in (web) development is this confusing. I would define an property: “[ ] do not list in index”.

I compare this with

  • private: can be seen only by me, if I logged in
  • protected: can be seen by members of the platform
  • public: can be seen by anyone who know the URL

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Do you have any way to show examples, so that others can confirm what you’re seeing?

@nmstoker here is one example URL


When I logged in on asciinema I see this configuration

Video is marked as private.

And in other browser I can see this as non logged in user.

Hi @somera - thanks for passing on the example.

I first went into that link via Incognito mode, and I could see it (I noted the title and that it was from 2 months ago).

Then I closed that window and went to the public section, sorted by date and browsed through all the pages from page 110, where the first 2 month cast is seen, through to page 168, where the last 2 month cast is seen. At no point did I see the cast with the title from your example. I was not logged in at any time.

I also tried to see whether Google had a link to it (which would suggest that it was visible somewhere) but this didn’t return any results either.

Therefore all I can assume is that somehow the other browser is logged in too and that’s somehow causing it to show up (consistently with that @sickill mentioned).

If you’re confident that it isn’t logged in in the other browser then I’m probably at the limits of how I can help here.

Links relating to this:

Google Search: site:asciinema.org bash ansible_microservices_check.sh - Google Search

Search results page 110: Public asciicasts - asciinema

Search results page 168: Public asciicasts - asciinema

And you can see the video content too.

Yes. but this is not my meaning of “private”. :wink:

But now it’s clear how asciinema defines private. :wink:

Now it is clear.

But “my private definition” != “asciinema private definition”. :wink:

And there I see other problem for me. I changed the private content to public. And the URL in browser changes.

My expectation is, that the cryptic URL which I posted isn’t active anymote. Cause it was private for special use case.

And than I changed it back to private. And … But I see the same URL. And this is not good. Cause if I shared the URL I can’t hide it now.

For me a security problem.

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Got it. At least we’ve established this is indeed working as designed, even though you disagree on the definition :slightly_smiling_face:

Right, so asciinema’s “private” is more like “unlisted” than truly private.

Good catch re going public then private again - this is something that should be fixed indeed :+1: