Support / Instructions for pre-defined scenario

This is either a help or a feature request depending on if what I’m looking for exists already and I could not find it or if it doesn’t an I think it’d be great.

When I want to do a demo of a CLI I developed, I’d much rather be able to define a scenario i.e. a succession of commands than have to type everything, forget things or make typos. I’m thinking about something like this

    {"command": "some command"},
    {"command": "some other command", "wait": 2},
    {"command": "some third command", "highlights": [{"line": 2, "selection": [20, 45]}, {"line": 3}]}

Of course a list of commands is the MVP but we can even think of more features like waiting after command completion (for users to read some text for instance) or highlighting some parts of the output.

Would this be of any use to you: