Hacked home network

Look I’m so sorry not to use your programming language, I’ve got no idea what I’m doing in this arena, all I know is that you guys are the clever ones in the field of IT and all the more sophisticated regions and surely to God, someone’s gotta be able to help me! Every device on our Telstra network has been hacked, I’ve spent countless hours on calls etc to Apple, Google, Telstra, Microsoft and Optus and no one can identify what is causing the chaos I’ve experienced and I reached a dead end 2 years later, Apple throwing their hands up said sorry love, and from there, I had to seek the professional services of a digital forensic investigator and the one I thought could be trusted the most, has gone awol, and if I just knew someone trustworthy with specialised knowledge like there would have to be in this community I know someone could solve it! I’d like to trace it back to the hacker ideally because I know who’s paid for it to be done, an evil old prick who was once a friend, and has set out to ruin my life! I realise that’s almost impossible to prove, but if I could just secure my devices at home, that would be enough! Does anyone know HOW to confirm you are hacked so I can prove it to a Judge and then HOW to rid yourself of the hacker indefinitely??? I have had every 2FA measure etc in place, I had bought new devices, tried to have no bridge between them, all to no avail, til I kind of gave up a while ago. Telstra’s platinum team were useless, as many others were, I just need genuine help, I’m in Australia, I’ve got FA money but I need to know how to protect myself. Any ideas??? Any easy to use software that can show you eg Fing was useless, I don’t know how to decipher wireshark bla bla It’s a nightmare. Seriously. Sorry for the novel, I realise it’s not the done thing, I apologise.

I logged in here as I stumbled across Shodan information and it was encouraging to see the author write how easy it was to be hacked etc and there’s such a stigma associated with saying it, but there are many like you who know it’s true and my experience proves it to me, but no one has many definitive answers on what to really do once you are under attack. That’s the scary part!

I realize that it’s been 6 months since you last posted. What was the resolution?
Also, it is considered rude to post something to multiple discourse conversations - do not do that.