Asciinema: upload failed: API endpoint not found


When I uploading my local cast file by use below command:

asciinema upload xxx.cast

I get this error.

asciinema: upload failed: API endpoint not found. 
This asciinema version may no longer be supported. 
Please upgrade to the latest version.

But, my asciinema version is 2.0.1

How to solve it, thanks a lot.

platform: iTerm + Mac + oh-my-zsh

I installed asciinema by Homebrew.



Are you using your own asciinema-server instance? What is the API host in the URL printed by asciinema auth? Don’t paste full URL here, as it contains your private install ID! :wink: Just the part before /connect is what interests me.



Thanks for your reply.

I got this message:

Open the following URL in a web browser to link your install ID with your user account:

This will associate all recordings uploaded from this machine (past and future ones) to your account, and allow you to manage them (change title/theme, delete) at


The picture below is a screenshot of my operation.



Since asciinema 0.9.9 the API URL is HTTPS, not HTTP. That means you must have it overwritten to HTTP somewhere.
Check env variable ASCIINEMA_API_URL (if you have it set), or the config file and make sure it’s HTTPS.



Thank you very much~
It makes sense to me.
My problem is solved.:+1::pray:

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