[asciinema-player] When opening nvim in a tmux pane, another one disappears

Hello! First, thanks for a wonderful project! So, the issues is as follows:

  • the following asciicast Tmux pane disappears when opening nvim in its neighboring pane - asciinema consists in opening tmux with two panes, and firing neovim in one of them. Then repeating in another pane.
  • [issue] when replaying the cast in the player, the idle tmux pane (i.e. not the one where neovim was fired) disappears, also does a part of the pane separator. The pane reappears when switching to it.
  • when replaying in terminal with asciinema play, all works fine.

Is that some kind of an issue that could be overcome? I know very little about how to read the "o" even format in the *.cast file and not sure what causes the disappear.

Would appreciate any ideas!