Why `upload failed: Invalid or revoked install ID`?

If you get this error when uploading a recording then it means your local install ID has been revoked (you most likely clicked “Revoke” on your account settings page). No further uploads with this install ID will be possible.

To enable uploads from this machine do this:

If you’re using asciinema 1.x (or older):

  1. backup and remove your config file ~/.config/asciinema/config (or ~/.asciinema/config)

If you’re using asciinema 2.x:

  1. remove install ID file ~/.config/asciinema/install-id (or ~/.asciinema/install-id)


  1. login on the website to your account
  2. run asciinema auth - this will generated new local install ID
  3. open printed URL - this will add it to your account