Why am I getting `command not found` at the begining of the recording session?

When recording asciinema starts new shell instance (as indicated by $SHELL environment variable) by default. It invokes exec $SHELL, which in most cases translates to exec /bin/bash or exec /bin/zsh. This means the shell runs as an “interactive shell”, but not as a “login shell”.

If you have functions and/or other shell configuration defined in either .bash_profile, .zprofile or .profile file they are not loaded unless the shell is started as a login shell.

Some terminal emulators do that (passing “-l” option to the shell command-line), some don’t. asciinema doesn’t.

Worry not, you have several options. You can:

  • move this part of configuration to .bashrc/.zshrc,
  • record with asciinema rec -c "/bin/bash -l" or,
  • add the following setting to your $HOME/.config/asciinema/config file:
command = /bin/bash -l
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