How can I delete a recording from


If you want to manage your recordings (change title/theme, delete) at you need to link your “install ID” with user account:

asciinema auth

The above command displays the URL to open in a web browser to do that. You may be asked to log in first.

Then, open the asciicast page and look for a dropdown with a gear icon. It’s below the player, on the right side.

Install ID is a random ID (UUID v4) generated locally when you run asciinema for the first time, and saved at $HOME/.config/asciinema/install-id. It’s purpose is to connect local machine with uploaded recordings, so they can later be associated with account. This way we decouple uploading from account creation, allowing them to happen in any order.

A new install ID is generated on each machine and system user account you use asciinema on, so in order to keep all recordings under a single account you need to run asciinema auth on all of those machines. If you followed the above steps and you still can’t see the gear dropdown then most likely you have used different local user accounts for recording and auth (i.e. you recorded in a VM or Docker container but you ran asciinema auth on your host machine).

This applies to any asciinema-server instance, not just