Archived links retrieval

I am a teacher and I have lost about twenty records that have been archived. I kept all the links. Is there a way to get them back?

They’ve been now unarchived (check your email) :slight_smile:

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Is there any chance to unarchive my record and bind to my account.
This is a tetris game between two routers recorded in 2013, Dec:)

Any chance you can unarchive mine? Here is the URL

Hi! I am a teacher as well. I need to be able to continue using this recording:

Could you please unarchive this recording?


If you guys wanted to keep your content online forever (until proven otherwise) you should simply register and authenticate your recorder / token combination. Simple, no?

Another idea if you really don’t want to register…

Use so save/archive a copy of the website page (your cast) whenever you upload. Then, fetch it from over there.

Uploaded this from a ephemeral VM so I have no other way of recovery. Thanks.

Anyone?! Going on 2 weeks now…

You could also send your cast to a pastebin service like and use the url to play…